The Plan to Re-Open SouthCrest

Hey SouthCrest Fam!


We have not had what we used to call a “normal Sunday” since March 8, 2020. That’s been awhile. Here’s the plan moving forward.


I LOVE THURSDAYS!! We started a Thursday Night Worship Service at our Newnan Campus at 7:00 pm every Thursday and it’s going great!!! If you have to be out of town, or have to work on Sundays, or if Thursdays would just work better for you, I hope you’ll come to our Thursday Worship Service. We have more intentional time of worship through music and prayer on Thursdays, and the message is the same that I’ll be teaching the following Sunday. We do not have Preschool or Crest Kids on Thursdays, but kids are ALWAYS welcome on Thursdays at SouthCrest!


We are upgrading, emphasizing, expanding and building up our Online Campus at  We have 2 incredible staff pastors, Cameron Bowman and Micah Puckett that are driving our online campus. It turns out that the easiest way to invite someone to SouthCrest is to invite them to, and as of right now, you can go to at any point and watch the entire service on demand from that week. I hope you’ll invite people every week to come with you to at 9 and 11 am each Sunday and on demand following that. You can also watch just the message at


We’re getting ready for On Campus Relaunch of Children’s Ministries. Here is the re-opening plan for each campus.



Birth-age 3 is open now

Birth – Preschool resumes Sunday July 12

Crest Kids resumes on Sunday August 23



Preschool resumes July 19

Crest Kids resumes August 16

(The Newnan Campus indoor playground will remain closed for now.)



All Preschool and Crest Kids Lessons will also be available at and on Campus Facebook pages.


Children are ALWAYS welcome in our worship services. In fact, my opinion is that it is a great idea to bring your children with you to worship so that they can learn to worship and hear the bible taught. While children are young I think they need to see mom and dad worship so they can learn by example, rather than waiting to come to worship for the first time as a middle schooler. It may be a big adjustment for them at first, but in time, they will learn more than most of us think that they will.


If you’ve got students, make sure they’re in touch with Reed Shackelford, Luke Ayers, or Chris Halbach as they are doing some incredible student ministry with our students! The locations and times are flexible right now, but we’ve got some awesome things happening in the lives of our students. Keeping everyone’s safety, security, and health in mind, we are targeting resuming worship at our Campuses and continuing online. 


So, that’s the plan. Sometimes plans have to change, but I wanted you to know as much as possible as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and prayers during these days. Let’s keep praying, loving, serving, and giving. Your generosity is making a difference that lasts forever. Thank you! Now is the time for us to continue to prepare for what God has for us. I’m eager to see what next God has for us in this season. Stay safe, stay connected, and stay on Jesus!


Let’s Go!