Bring A Friend

Invite a Friend to Worship

When you discover a great new restaurant or app, what’s the first thing you do? Tell a friend.

Faith is like that. It’s better with friends. Don’t keep the good news to yourself.

Text, call or invite a friend to join you for our next services at SouthCrest or invite them to watch SouthCrest Live. 

It’s always better when you explore and grow together.

Invite a friend here.

Invite to Sunday Worship

Invite a Friend to a LifeGroup

LifeGroups at SouthCrest are designed to help everyone grow in their relationship with Christ (UP), live connected with other believers (IN), and reach out to the local community (OUT). LifeGroups aren’t just something we do at SouthCrest. It’s who we are.

Now, don't you have friends that could benefit from that? LifeGroups are a great way to invite someone you love to church.

Invite to LifeGroups