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We exist to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in everything we do. Our High School and Middle School Ministry is geared towards discipling our students to grow deeper in their faith and learning how to make an impact on their world through discipleship.  We do this through Community LifeGroups, Wednesday night events, being involved in the local schools, serving the local church, and Next Level Summer Adventures.

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Student Milestones

The first milestone in a student’s life is to follow Jesus. This is the most important decision we can ever make, and it’s the first step in a long journey of Faith. In this milestone, we emphasize:

  • A Relationship with Jesus
  • Faith is a Daily Effort, Not Just a Prayer
  • Having a Relationship with Jesus means spending TIME with Him

The second milestone is Grow. This is a step we take as we begin to Follow Jesus, helping us to mature in our faith. In this milestone, we emphasize:

  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Making Wise Choices
  • Setting Boundaries

The third milestone, Join, is geared towards helping to further growth by providing a stable group of people to walk alongside us. In this milestone, we emphasize:

  • Healthy Friendships
  • The Importance of Church
  • Finding Accountability

The fourth Milestone, Serve, is geared towards getting students involved regularly in service, furthering their growth and impact on their community. In this milestone, we emphasize:

  • Importance of Getting Involved
  • Finding your Gifts

The fifth Milestone, Reach, is geared toward teaching students to share the Gospel. In this milestone, we emphasize:

  • How to describe your faith story/testimony
  • What it looks like to share the Gospel
  • Why it’s important to share the Gospel

The last Milestone, Repeat, is a step that students will be able to take as they become mature in their faith. Repeat is a one-word simplification of what it looks like to become a mentor and disciple someone. In this milestone, we emphasize:

  • The Responsibility of Being a Mentor
  • Why Discipling others is Important
  • The Growth involved in Discipling Others
  • How to Simply Disciple
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Jevaughn Huggins

Student Pastor

Meet Our Student Pastor

Jevaughn joined the team in the summer of 2023 and quickly hit the ground rolling, pouring into the lives of our students. He is passionate about students growing in their understanding of God’s word and their relationship with Christ. His desire is to send students off confident that they are rooted in Christ and ready to take on the challenges of adult life. He is deeply in touch with his Jamaican roots, especially when it comes to food as he loves to cook and share authentic Jamaican dishes with friends and loved ones. He’ll also make a fool out of anyone willing to challenge him on the basketball court, but we still encourage you to try.

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